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About us

Hungarian Scientific Association of Rural Health

Short Summary of the Association’s Aims and Activities

The Association was established in 2003 by approximately two dozens of enthusiastic and willing-to-do Hungarian General Practitioners of rural areas all over the country. Their common intention and object in life is to improve Hungary’s Rural Health Care in general and to provide rural patients a definitive high-level care.

Their task in the Association is to form such circumstances in the level of patient care that is convenient and helps maintaining good health beside humanity in the countryside. Involved areas are social work, 21st century’s infrastructure such as upcoming facilities, new structures, utensil possibilities etc. They are focusing on any kind of innovations including new structures, new methodologies, new infrastructure that is leading to a better and effective health care. Prevention and education is two other focuses to make people aware of their own responsibility for their own health while teaching them to be able to take care of themselves in the possible most natural way.

Members of the Association are continuously changing thoughts of their study results, achievements and experiences. They join and take part  on several Hungarian, European and International Scientific Conferences for sharing their own studies and collecting and exchanging the latest information of all areas they can implement in their scientific and daily work.. Members of association as being GP-s in running practices have the greatest opportunity to merge academic science with daily experience that allows the Association to find the best way of improving Rural Health.

Conferences  and programs held by HSARH:

I. Conference, Badacsonytördemic, Rural health in everyday life

II. Conference, Ráckeve Physical, mental and sexual injuries in the family

III. Conference, Mórahalom, Education for the equal access to health services

IV. Conference, Horvátzsidány and I. Conference o IAAMRH European Chapter, Through minorities for healthy villages

V. Conference, National Institute of Chief Medical Officer, Budapest, Equity and equality for underpriviledged groups in the public health servicces

VI. Conference, National Institute of Chief Medical Officer, Budapest, Prevention of homelessness

VII. Conference, National Institite of Chief Medical Officer, Budapest, Ensuring equal access to medical care for Gipsy Minority

VIII. Conference Medical care of misery - and its effect on public health


Studies: Health status and health services of rural population

Traditional folk treatments in the villages

Mental health of family physicians etc.

Conferences  and programs attended by HSARH:

IAAMRH Conferences in Belgrade, Lodi

WONCA-EURIPA Conferences, in Kos, in Firenze , in Paris

International Studies – Hakan Yaman – Turkey, Maricarmen Altarriba –Spain,


Leaderships in European and International Associations:



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